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The main headings of our web site are listed below. Topics can be quickly accessed by clicking on a heading. Once you are linked to the topic, you will usually find sub-headings for further detailed information.

If you can't find what you're looking for, write to us at [email protected] and we'll do our best to help you out.

Please note: We have found we must restrict our replies to inquiries regarding photography techniques and tips rather than questions about the operation of specific camera models or requests for critiques of photographs. Should you write us for information related to a particular brand of photography equipment, we will do our best to direct you to the manufacturer's web site or another reliable source of information, however the volume of emails we receive may make a prompt response difficult. Answers to your equipment questions may also be as close as the Forum at , where you can communicate with viewers who may have experience with your equipment and may already have the answer to your query. Forum users are also usually pleased to provide sincere and helpful critiques of viewers’ photography.

Photography Equipment
Photography Equipment & Accessories
Camera bag
Digital Photography
Tripods & camera supports
Equipment checklist
Stamp your photographic prints
Portable light diffuser
Wear eyeglasses?
Black wrap
Common things with uncommon uses
Fabrics and photography
Film format
Film sizes
Sensitivity to color
Film speed
Graininess of film
Infrared film
Professional film
Film storage
Scratches on film
Processing black & white film
Digital Photography
How digital cameras work
Choice in digital cameras
Starting out
Digital cameras and batteries
Editing digital images
Printing digital images
Digital's popularity
Features of a digital camera
Dust and digital photography
Photography Studios and Home Studios
Simple home studio
Basic studio lighting
Types of studio portrait lighting
Studio flash
Studio sets
Painting with light
The darkroom
Building a home darkroom
Processing black & white film
Black-and-white printing
Photography Subjects
Aerial photography tips & techniques
Choosing an aircraft
Choosing a pilot
Camera choice for aerials
Lenses for aerial photography
Film speed for aerials
Exposure settings for aerials
Plan your aerial shoot
Lighting & the time of day
Buildings from the air
Aerial photography of trees and plants
Water aerials
Potpourri of aerial hints
Safety first
Make money from aerials
Our viewers' aerial pictures
Photographing an air show
Animal & Wildlife Photography Tips and Techniques
Wildlife Photography
Food that looks good enough to eat
Careers in photography
Fungi including mushrooms
Landscape photography tips and techniques
Images from the Sunshine Coast
Light and the landscape
Tips on photographing trees
Persons or animals in a landscape
After the storm
Autumn color
In search of landscape subjects
Scale in landscapes
Sunset photography
Pics for newsletter
Family pictures
Portrait photography
Photographing girls
Wedding photography tips
Tips on photographing trees
Photographing Fungi, including mushrooms
Sports photography tips and hints
Emotion in sport
Sport shooting location
Camera equipment
Flash in sports
Get the ball in
Figure skating
Travel photography tips and techniques
Learn about your destination
Film for travel
Register your gear
Packing your camera
X-rays and film
Pictures from the plane
Holiday pictures
Day one in a new place
Famous places
Buy a postcard instead
Include a sign
Grab bag of travel tips
Color and travel photos
Going on a cruise?
Include your vehicle
Festivals, carnivals, parades & ceremonial events
Lighting your travel photos
Photography at the seaside
Visiting a National Park
Tips for photographing the USA
Underwater photography tips and techniques
Becoming a deep-sea photographer
Camera housing
Disposable underwater camera
Film speed
Landscapes underwater
Lens choice
Light & visibility
Tom Sheldon
The underwater environment
Home construction/renovation photography tips and techniques
Humor in photography
More fun pictures
Even more fun pictures
Unusual photographs
Humor in photography
Photography for home insurance purposes
Run out of ideas for pictures?
What in the world?
What in the world? (#1)
What in the world? (#2)
What in the world? (#3)
Photography Techniques
Rules of Composition
Center of Interest
Design interest
Design Principles
Height helps
Place your subject in context
Provide an escape route
Shooting angle
Silhouetted foreground
Can we learn good composition?
Think, then compose
Viewers' pictures
Night photography
Basic night photography tips
Evening photography
Shoot the moon
Film for night photography
Star trails
Reciprocity failure
Photographing lightning
Winter photography
What Light Is
How Light Behaves
Light and Atmosphere
Light and Photography
Light & Film
Aperture settings for flash
Shutter speeds for flash
Fill flash
Softening flash
Red eye
Off-camera flash
Miscellaneous tips
High Dynamic Range Imaging
How'd they do that?
Disappearing fence
Food photography
Smokin' hot pepper sauce
Fantasy make-up
Painting with light
Light as a background
Infrared digital photography
Daytime long exposure photography
Riding a broom at night
Write your subject's name in light
The Business of Photography
The darkroom
Building a home darkroom
Processing black & white film
Black-and-white printing
Displaying your pictures
Photo essay
Framing your prints
Wall arrangement
Wacky tips that work
Stuck filter? Take off your shoe
Making identical twins
Shooting gophers
Sell your car for more money
Farewell Foto
Overexpose the background
Wacky mirrors
What's wrong with this picture?
Problem picture #1
Problem picture #2
Problem picture #3
Problem picture #4
Problem picture #5
Problem picture #6
Problem picture #7
Problem picture #8
Problem picture #9
Problem picture #10
Problem picture #11
Problem picture #12
Problem picture #13
Problem picture #14
Problem picture #15
Problem picture #16
Painting with light
Clandestine photography
Off-camera flash
Softening the harsh light from a flash
White balance
Photography as an art form
Glossary of Photography Terms
"B" terms
"C" terms
"D" terms
"E" terms
"F" terms
"G" terms
"H" terms
"I" terms
"J" terms
"K" terms
"L" terms
"M" terms
"N" terms
"O" terms
"P" terms
"Q" terms
"R" terms
"S" terms
"T" terms
"U" terms
"V" terms
"W" terms
"X" terms
"Y" terms
"Z" terms