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Packing checklist

A handy list to ensure you leave nothing behind

Use the following checklist when packing your camera equipment (at home or on the road) to be sure you don't leave anything essential behind. You may have additional items that belong on it.

1. Camera or cameras, if bringing more than one (you may want to consider a one-time-use underwater camera as a second camera);
2. Interchangeable lenses;
3. Filters, especially a polarizer or a selection of filters for B&W film (be sure they fit the lenses you are bringing);
4. Film or several memory cards for your digital camera;
5. Flash unit;
6. Fresh batteries, including spares for camera, flash, motor-drive and light meter, and/or a battery charger and voltage adapter suitable for the countries you will visit;
7. Tripod or mini-tripod;
8. Camera bag or hard-cover camera case;
9. Camera cleaning kit [see "Pack for camera care on the road" under Packing your camera];
10. Tape and marker or grease pencil for identifying film cartridges;
11. Note-book and pen;
12. Instruction manuals for camera(s) and flash;
13. Plastic bags that self-seal;
14. Silica gel packs - to absorb moisture;
15. Lens caps and neck straps;
16. Lead-lined film container to protect against X-rays (not necessary for digital memory cards;
17. Light meter, if your camera does not have one built-in (or even if it does, and you're bringing a spare);
18. Additional accessories you expect to use (flash bracket, detachable motor drive, etc.);
19. Name and address labels;
20. Proof of ownership documents for all your photography equipment.