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Farewell Foto

Say good-bye with flair

A wide angle lens and small aperture kept everything in focus.
A wide angle lens and small aperture kept everything in focus.

Here is a fun tip if you have a pal who is moving away and you want to let him or her know what kind of friends they will be leaving behind. The idea will also work in any situation where you want someone to know that life ain't so bad where you are. It's really simple. You will need the help of a few fun-minded friends.

The idea is to set up a scene where you are obviously enjoying the good life. It could be a fabulous gourmet spread on a banquet table, perhaps in a well-known quality restaurant or at someone's posh home, or a beach blanket scene where you are surrounded by very attractive, "adoring" members of the opposite sex, or even your office where you are seemingly being waited on hand and foot by cooperating co-workers.

In our example photo above, the scene is a hot tub where the good-natured wife of the fellow who has been transferred agreed to pose as if she and three of her husband Rick's cronies were luxuriating in a hot tub with champagne and orange juice. Notice the feet (how can you miss them?). The message says it all and implies "Look what you're leaving behind."

The message was written with lipstick
The message was written with lipstick

Why is this such a good idea? Because it is highly personalized and shows you made the effort to do something fun and original. It is better than a standard bon voyage card or farewell handshake. Rick, in this case, was delighted with the photograph; it will stay in his and his wife's memory forever.

On the technical side, you will need a wide-angle lens with the aperture stopped right down for maximum depth of field so everything from foreground to background is in focus. (After all, it is a footograph.) A bright sunny day provided more than enough light for the necessary small aperture and suitable shutter speed, but in a darker place like many interior locations, bounce flash could do a similar job.