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WebOnTheFly empowers this site

This web site is empowered by WebOnTheFly, a dynamic platform that allows the site designer to control layout and features while the owner of the web site controls structure and content.

"What is remarkable about the creation of our web site is that we, as owners, were able to do all the uploading of information and images ourselves through our browser, thanks to the user-friendly design of the WebOnTheFly database program that powers the web site. We were able to control how the information is displayed through various design templates, all in a totally live environment. We could see how things would look to viewers as we were making the additions and changes. We could add links where we thought they were important. We controlled image cutlines, image sizes, keywords, headings - everything. In effect, we were completely in charge of our own web site's content, appearance and navigation, and still are. Thanks to WebOnTheFly, it is easy and it's even fun."
Dan McCormick
Owner - Ltd.

With WebOnTheFly, the designer first consults with the web site owner to create templates that establish the "look" of the site. They determine what features are needed and how the site should be organized. Then the owner, with surprisingly little training, uses that framework to create, add, remove and modify pages just as the owner wishes.

WebOnTheFly has empowered many other sites in a similar manner. To find out more, click here.

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