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gallery squirrel

Gallery Exhibit by Urs-P. Twellmann

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Driftwood sphere Nature's Way Structure & compression Spruce spiral

Ice ball Ice ring Glacier files Calibrated-ring

Hagen branches Split oak disks Rhine driftwood New potential

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Urs-P. Twellmann is primarily a wood sculptor. He employs photography, he says, to preserve his work to show it to more people, because many of his sculptures, especially those made from ice, "are not very durable." Nonetheless, Urs-P. is modest. His photographs are truly excellent. They bring his unusual "On-the-Road" artwork to us, and it is stunning to look at. We hope you enjoy viewing this very different photographic gallery.

Visit Urs-P.'s web site to take a full tour of his magnificent artwork:

Photographer / sculptor Urs-P. Twellmann