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Advertise on is generating over 280,000 page views per month from over 80,000 unique visitors (not including newsletter recipients) - a huge amount of traffic. The site is targeted to photography enthusiasts, from the rank amateur to the dedicated professional. We invite inquiries from advertisers whose products or services would appeal to our readership viewers.

We offer multiple ways to build your brand and get your message to our large and loyal readership. Ad buys are sold on a per month period using PayPal's subscription service for payments. Ads will auto-renew every month until cancelled. All prices below are in USD.

Combinations of the above advertising categories can be arranged for a package rate. Email us or write us if interested. We are also looking into extending our community via facebook, flickr, twitter and LinkedIn and preferred advertisers will receive free promotion as we explore.

Business Directory

We offer a variety of options for listing in our business directory. Click a listing type - Basic, Standard or Premium - to see an example. If you're interested in buying a directory listing send us your details, and pay with the appropriate PayPal link below.

Basic Standard Premium
Monthly Fee$9$19$29
Number of Images249

Buy Basic

Buy Standard

Buy Premium

*Standard and Premium listings include one change per year at no charge.
All listings include a link to your website.

Models list for free in our Models category, and pay $40 per change.

Newsletter | View Example

Newsletters are sent roughly every other month, to more than 10,300 unique subscribers. Your 125x125 ad will be featured prominently in the left column of the newsletter, with a maximum of two advertisers per newsletter. Higher placement will be given to the first ad purchased. Pricing is $175 per newsletter per ad. The button cannot be bigger than 15K in size. Some animation allowed but no Flash.

If you're interested in buying a newsletter ad, email your ad to [email protected], and pay with the PayPal link below.

Buy A Newsletter Ad

125x125 Button Sponsorship

The 125x125 button appears on every page of the website, in the left hand column. Button order is randomized with each page load to give advertisers even exposure. Pricing is $250 per month per button. Only three spots are available. The button cannot be bigger than 15K in size. Some animation allowed but no Flash.

If you are interested in buying a 125x125 button sponsorship, email your ad to [email protected] and pay with the PayPal link below.

Buy a 125x125 Button

Featured Site Sponsorship

Featured Sites are located site-wide on the left sidebar, below the 125x125 Button Sponsorship section. Pricing is $150 per month per link. If you are interested in buying a Featured Site link, send the link text and URL to [email protected] and pay with the PayPal link below. All links are no followed.

Buy a Featured Site Sponsorship

Sponsored Link

Sponsored links are located with specific article(s) on the site, wherever it is most appropriate to mention a business in context, generally at the page bottom, below the article itself. They are generally included as a sentence or paragraph of information about the business. Pricing is $50 per month per link. If you're interested in buying a sponsored link, send the URL of the page on which you would like to advertise and your preferred link text and URL to [email protected], and pay with the PayPal link below.

Buy a Sponsored Link

Payment options

Payment can also be made via VISA, MC, or AMEX over the phone, or by postal money order or bank draft. Please contact us if PayPal is not an option for you. If you wish to provide credit card information by phone, please let us know your phone number and the best time for us to call you.

Canadian Taxes

Canadian residents will be charged applicable taxes, depending on the province.

Acceptance and approval

Each inquiry will be reviewed and approved before advertising is placed. We reserve the right to refuse any advertising without providing a reason, although we may communicate with you to clarify issues or to confirm information.

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