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Photography Techniques

Basic to Advanced Photography Techniques, Tips & Tricks

A composition that conveys a photographer's intended meaning is an effective one. One that doesn't or that confuses the viewer is not. This section, one the site's most important, is intended to help you properly compose your photographs.

Here is how to properly take a picture while moving the camera so it tracks with the subject's movement.

Night photography
When that big light in the sky goes down at dusk, photographers have to rely on other light sources to obtain their images. This is the world of slow shutter speeds, artificial light and a different way of seeing things.

Winter photography
Two things to keep in mind as you venture out into the chill are temperature and light.

The word "photography" derives from the Greek and means, literally, "light writing." But what is light? How does it behave? What should photographers know about it?

There is probably no type of photography that is more disappointing to the beginner than flash photography. This section explains some of the mysteries of flash and simplifies its usage.

High Dynamic Range Imaging
Inability to capture a scene’s full dynamic range is a limitation common to all cameras, traditional or digital. HDR enables a photographer to capture a wider range of proper exposure in all areas of a scene.

How'd they do that?
Occasionally you come across a photograph that contains a seemingly impossible element and you'll wonder how it was taken - food that looks overly tempting, fences that disappear, smoke from a hot sauce.

The Business of Photography
Success in professional photography can mean not only earning higher than average income, but also achieving deep personal job satisfaction. If you have been considering a career or part-time work in photography, this guide will help.

The darkroom
The ideal darkroom is pitch black, but total darkness is sometimes difficult to achieve in the home, especially if you have commandeered a room that also serves other purposes.

Displaying your pictures
This section discusses do-it-yourself framing, selecting a framer if you wish to have a custom frame made, and arranging your pictures for display.

Wacky tips that work
There are some strange and unusual ways of approaching photography and its many uses. We show you some of them here. They are all fun.

What's wrong with this picture?
We can all learn from the mistakes of others. This section provides explanations to help you understand and correct photography mistakes.

Focusing is more than aiming an autofocus camera at a subject and pressing the shutter. Knowledge of focusing techniques can improve a composition, lead to creative photography and solve problems.

Clandestine photography
Clandestine photography, commonly referred to as surveillance photography, is the photographing in secrecy of a person, object, activity or location.

Macrophotography (or Macro Photography) is the photography of very small things. Digital cameras are, in many ways, ideal for macrophotography. The macro features of many digital cameras permit you to take amazingly close images of tiny subjects.

Photography as an art form
Not all images captured by a camera are considered to have artistic value. Indeed, most do not. But, many photographs have been recognized as examples of fine art, with the camera considered to be a tool similar to a painter’s brush.