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Photography Equipment

Guides to accessories, film, digital photography, studios, and the darkroom

Photography Equipment & Accessories
A remarkably-wide range of gear & accessories is available to today's photographer. The selection and use of cameras, lenses, filters, reflectors, tripods, camera bags and more are covered in this section.

Film is the photographer's canvas. Learn about film choices, differing characteristics, sensitivity to color, graininess, professional films, film speed and even how to properly store your film.

Digital Photography
Photography without film - the latest development in the evolution of the camera. How does digital photography work? Why is it so popular? What do I need to get started? The answers and more are here.

Photography Studios and Home Studios
Setting up a home studio is not that big a deal. You can start with the absolute basics, and build up from them over time. Find out how in this section. And learn a lot more about the studio, too.

The darkroom
The ideal darkroom is pitch black, but total darkness is sometimes difficult to achieve in the home, especially if you have commandeered a room that also serves other purposes.