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Photography Subjects

Select a heading below for detailed information on that subject.

Aerial photography tips & techniques
Just about every photographer is tempted to take to the skies to capture images. Altitude, motion, weather & atmospheric conditions, time of day, type of aircraft and lens choice are just some of the factors affecting aerial photography.

Animal & Wildlife Photography Tips and Techniques
Tips and pointers for photographing animals of all kinds - from wildlife to family pets, animals in the zoo, birds and even insects - with plenty of examples.

Food that looks good enough to eat
Food can sometimes look so juicy and delectable in a photograph that it can make you hungry. That is the main objective of many food photographers, and here are some "tasty" tips for food photography.

Fungi including mushrooms
The Latin word fungus means “mushroom,” although fungi include more than mushrooms among its 1.5 million species.

Landscape photography tips and techniques
Scenery is the subject of a landscape image, and you will find information here on shooting scenic vistas, autumn color, sunsets, landscape lighting, creative use of your camera and more.

Children & family photography, posing guides, wedding photography, choosing a wedding photographer, portraits, make-up and more - everything to do with photographing people.

Plenty of tips to help you make great pictures of nature's flora, from solitary trees to wildflowers to the blossoms in your garden.

Sports photography tips and hints
You may think you'll never capture sports images that compare with those the pros get, but you can. And you can apply the tips and hints here to photograph your child's soccer match or hockey game.

Travel photography tips and techniques
Whether on vacation, business, just passing through or living on the road, this information will help your travel photography. What to bring. Packing your camera. X-rays and film. Taking pictures in foreign lands.

Underwater photography tips and techniques
Almost every photographer is thrilled when taking his or her first pictures under water, whether in a swimming pool or the ocean's depths. The rules change a bit when you're underwater, and you can find out how in this section.

Home construction/renovation photography tips and techniques
Imagine that it is two years after the completion of construction of your new home or cottage and suddenly there is a leak coming from the base of a bedroom wall. It's photography to the rescue.

Humor in photography
You'll enjoy this selection of "found" humorous pictures and staged pictures set up to be funny. They may inspire you to become creative in making your own fun pictures and to keep your eyes peeled for humorous situations around you.

Unusual photographs
A mini-gallery of unusual photographs that aren't necessarily what you think they are. There are only a few here now, but keep an eye on this section as it continues to grow.

Photography for home insurance purposes

Run out of ideas for pictures?
Looking for ideas on what to photograph, and drawing a blank? Like writer's block, it happens to all of us at one time or another. Visit this section for inspiration.

What in the world?
Discover tips and techniques on how to make photographs whose subjects are difficult to identify and make for strange-looking pictures.