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Posing male models

One of the best ways for the male model and the photographer to learn creative posing for the camera is to practice using poses that appeal to you when you come across them in magazines, photography books, the internet and other publications. Over time, you will develop the ability to make quick, almost instinctive, posing decisions for most photographic situations.

The model who is practiced, has learned to relax and look natural before the camera, and can be expressive to suit the pose is an asset to any photographer.

The photographer who can direct a male model with self-assurance, knowing what he or she wants the model to do, will produce many successful pictures.


Our posing guide for the male model is intended to help both the photographer and his or her model get off on the right foot. Made up of several photographs of a single male in a variety of popular poses against a neutral white backdrop, the guide is an easy-to-copy source of posing suggestions.

By referring to the smaller thumbnail images, a photographer, a model or both together can select poses that they feel will be suited to the images they would like to produce. Clicking on an individual thumbnail will bring up a larger version that clearly demonstrates all aspects of the pose, and shows smaller details like the positioning of hands and feet, or the turn of the model’s head.

We asked our model to keep his facial expressions neutral so as not to influence your reaction to any mood or emotion that might be portrayed by him in the poses. In your use of the guide, expressions appropriate to your photography situation should be employed.

Most of the poses can be applied to a wide range of photography situations, both indoors and outdoors, and in various outfits, from business suits to gym shorts. Some employ a simple prop, like a chair or stool, which could be replaced by a log, rock or bench in another setting for your pictures.

We have grouped the poses in accordance with their major similarities. Some poses may appear in thumbnail size to be too similar, but on close inspection once the images are enlarged, you'll notice subtle variations that can mean all the difference to the success of the pose.

The guide doesn't attempt to portray every possible pose. There are too many variations for that. We hope it stimulates your creativity, so both photographer and model will use it as a basis to create their own imaginative poses and unique images.


Please be patient when clicking on our posing guide links (located on the page bottom, below, on the left); there are a dozen images of individual male poses in each guide and it may take a minute or so for them all to appear. You can click here to get started with Posing guide #1, if you wish.


We hope you find the posing guide for male models to be a helpful reference. If you feel we perhaps missed an important pose that would be particularly useful to novice photographers or models, we invite you to bring it to our attention. Simply send us a photograph that clearly illustrates your pose, along with any comments appropriate to the image, so we can show it to our viewers. If we do, we will be sure to credit you with the posing tip and the taking of the photograph.

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