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Shooting gophers

Curiosity is a powerful thing

 The gopher hole down which you saw a gopher disappear.
The gopher hole down which you saw a gopher disappear.

Curiosity is an irresistibly-strong element in the make-up of some animals. Test it yourself the next time you come across a gopher hole, and you will probably come up with a most unusual picture.

Shine a flashlight down the hole you just saw a gopher dive into when you approached. He hustled in there because he didn’t want you to get close enough to nab him, but he may take a chance on getting caught if he sees a strange light where there shouldn’t be any – your flashlight illuminating his tunnel.

You probably won’t have long to wait before he comes up to check it out, and “click,” you will have a close-up picture of a very curious critter.

 Shine a strong beam inside
Shine a strong beam inside

" Hi there. I couldn't resist your light."

Seems wacky, but it has worked just about every time we tried it.

And you can probably get a better picture of the emerging gopher than we did (especially if you have your off-camera or camera-mounted flash ready to go, which we didn't.)

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