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Posing Guides CD
No photographer, model, art student, art director or illustrator should be without this super CD. It's a great reference. And just think - no more wasted frames while you experiment with poses! Every picture you take will look professionally posed.

Guide to Posing the Female Model
The Guide to Posing the Female Model! There's nothing like it anywhere else. This easy-to-use guide contains an enormous 1,104 black & white photographs of eight models in unique poses. Discover how easy posing models can be.

iPhone Poses Collections
Show your female photography subjects pictures on your iPhone of the actual pose you want them to employ. Our unique “Fit Pose” feature lets you match your model's pose with one of the 368 quality example poses found in each of the 3 volumes.

This section currently has only three products, but they are exciting and timely products:
- a super-fast, high-quality CD containing the famous Posing Guides, plus some posing images that are not available on the site;
- a handy book that contains 1,104 easy-to-copy examples of poses for the female model; and
- our exciting, new Female Posing Guide applications in three volumes for the iPhone and Ipod Touch.

You may find them all irresistable. Just click on the links above for more details or to place an order.

New and exciting exclusives are in the works. This section is intended to feature quality items that are available only from It is only a matter of time before our product list grows again.