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Grilled filet mignon with vegetable bundle

Photographed for the Northern Lakes Seafood Company restaurant.

Filet in a mushroom sauce served with a bundle of garden vegetables.

Filet in a mushroom sauce served with a bundle of garden vegetables.

© Copyright John Cumming.

What chef wouldn't be delighted to see his or her steak dish photographed like this? And what diner would turn it away? This picture is a marriage of quality food and quality photography in a suggested masculine setting. The curved platter and its offset placement lead the viewer's eye into the picture towards the wine bottle's label and on to the waiting cigar, then back to the steak. Looks delicious. Now, if only we could all have a bite.

This image was shot for the Northern Lakes Seafood Company restaurant on location where John shot a remarkable six plates in one afternoon.

"Because of the high volume and short time frame," says John, "we had to use a very simple lighting set up. The chef laid out the plates, and I just tweaked the elements to suit the framing of the shot. In many cases, what looks great as a presentation at the dining table, does not translate well to the camera."

"We spent about 30 minutes on each plate of food," he says, "and then moved on to another location in the dining area."