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Lobster tail with rice and asparagus

Photographed for the Alley Grille in Greektown Casino.

Split lobster tail on rice and asparagus with red pepper slices.

Split lobster tail on rice and asparagus with red pepper slices.

© Copyright John Cumming.

Carefully-controlled lighting, extremely tight depth of field and placement in the immediate foreground of the key dish are important elements in the success of this excellent photograph.

But, there is much more to this busy image. The addition of a cheesecloth-wrapped lemon, a warm butter dish and two glasses of wine complete the presentation. Including more seafood in the immediate background without allowing it to overpower the image is masterfully carried out, and the rich colors and backdrop provide the atmosphere of a high quality seafood establishment with a comprehensive wine cellar. A nice touch is the subtle, tasteful treatment of the restaurant's name, which can be partially seen on the lip of the platter. What client would not want a photograph like this to promote his or her business? The answer, of course, is that any quality client would be delighted with this superb presentation.

Photographed for the Alley Grille in Greektown Casino with a Rollei view camera fitted with a Phase 1 P40 digital back, John was assisted by stylist Diane Long of Long On Style.

John says "For this shot, we wanted to show a larger table setting, so we placed some of our stand-in plates in the background. After finalizing the lighting on the main plate, we spent about 45 minutes placing the other elements. Once that was accomplished to the client's satisfaction, we decided to move in tighter to the hero plate, cropping out a part of it."