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Broiled cod with shrimp and lentils

Broiled cod and shrimp on a bed of lentils and green pea pods.

Broiled cod and shrimp on a bed of lentils and green pea pods.

© Copyright John Cumming.

A simple-looking platter that is actually a well-designed, complex composition with the elements in all the right places. The lighting is dramatic, and the dish looks succulent and well-prepared. Some photographers might have been tempted to add more to fill out the plate, but this serving size is just right.

Photographed as a portfolio sample, this image was taken in the Culinary Arts Department at Schoolcraft College. Photographer John Cumming says "I contacted the college to check on their interest in doing some testing. The Department runs a very nice restaurant on campus as part of their training. They were more than accommodating."

"We set up a makeshift studio in a back room," says John, "and shot eight plates over a period of two days. I used a Rollei view camera fitted with a Phase 1 P40 digital back."

The food was prepared by the students and plated by the instructors. The stylist was named Birdie. "I made minor adjustments," says John, "and propped the set. Afterwards I donated posters, which they mounted and hung in their hallways."