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Poses Professional v. 2.0

Optimized for the iPhone, IPad, iPod Touch and iOS7

With Poses Professional, you'll never feel uncertainty about posing a female model again.
With Poses Professional, you'll never feel uncertainty about posing a female model again.

Available on the App Store

GREAT NEW FEATURES. Now a total of 1,378 poses images available

Poses Professional not only adds all your most requested features from Poses Volumes I, II and III but also contains 274 all new, attractive, easy-to-follow poses of the female model - kneeling, standing, seated, reclining and in motion. Real photographs (not line drawings) clearly show every aspect of every pose. Easily match your female subject’s poses with our models' poses using our unique “Fit Pose” feature. You will love using this one-of-a-kind feature that ensures a perfect pose. Most photographers also employ our app's images as idea-starters to develop their model's own unique poses.

  • Compatible with iPhone and iPod touch, with iPhone OS 3.1 or later
  • All images are proven, attractive poses, easy for your model to copy.
  • Models are in plain dance costumes, set against a clean white backdrop.
  • Poses are organized by type, making it simple to find just the right poses.
  • Add your own custom favorites lists for easy access.
  • Easily select poses for your personal favorites list.
  • Unique “Fit Pose” overlay feature* for easily positioning your model exactly.
  • Purchase and download more pose volumes.
  • Merge content from your previously purchased volumes.

(*Note that Fit Pose is only available on iPhones (not iPods) since it requires a camera to show your model's position.)


Poses Professional is the ultimate visual posing reference for photographers and models using an iPhone or iPod Touch, an indispensable tool you will use again and again. Read our users' comments below.


Whether you're a top professional photographer or a beginner, your subjects rely on you to provide them with posing direction to look their best. But it can take years to acquire the experience and develop the skills to quickly and effectively pose models, especially female models.

This practical guide will solve your posing problems once and for all, whether you are photographing your girlfriend at the beach or a professional model in the studio.

You and your model will get it right every time, even though she may never have posed before!

1,378 unique poses of the female model are available. You'll never run out of ideas for beautiful poses.
1,378 unique poses of the female model are available. You'll never run out of ideas for beautiful poses.

Click on the App Store logo above to buy Poses Professional for your own use.
Click on the App Store logo above to buy Poses Professional for your own use.


"A very simple idea executed perfectly, great poses, great cataloging and very well and simply presented. Ideal for beginners and pros alike."

"This app is exactly as advertised. A great collection of poses. A great resource for both photographers and artists alike."

"Great app for a photographer like me! Here is why. My need was a tool to help me learn about posing and also something to help me pose my subjects while shooting. Poses has a great interface which allows you to quickly scan all the poses quickly. There is also a rich list of categories you can select from which will instantly narrow the poses displayed down to the specific poses you need at any given time. Two examples would be seated on chair or seated on floor. But there are many more categories available. All the images appeared to be in color and high resolution. My first impression was this app is great!"

"This is a very well thought out and produced app. It is well laid out and easy to navigate using either the categories or just by scrolling. A very handy pocket reference. It's also great to see actual photos and not some dodgy sketches. Well done!"

"EXCELLENT!!!This is the main reason why I purchased an iPod Touch. I had several poses downloaded from the internet, but this app is way much better!!! Keep up the good work guys & thank you for such an impressive tool."

"Poses is very handy to have, and is very well organized into various posing positions. A photographer can have the best cameras and good lighting, but posing your subjects properly can make or break your photos."

A sampling of customer reviews of Poses Professional v.2.0

Inspiration when stuck ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

Lots and lots of poses. During a photo session, sometimes there's a connection between photographer and model. The posing almost happens by itself. Other times, the connection is a little off. This app helps give some inspiration and advice in a way during the times I get stuck. Great app, never had a problem.

I like having a native iPad app rather than just an upsize iPhone app too. Good update.

Organized nicely ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

I have books for this same purpose, but I like that this app separates poses into categories and individual poses can be saved into a favorite folder for later reference. Even good for getting inspired by parts of poses. Only wish that props were as neutral as the nude colored clothing choice. Bright boas or beach towels leave less room for the imagination. Definitely well designed.

Helps to inspire ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

As a Pro, I had a major weakness: I couldn't remember poses! This app solved it! I bought all the in-app purchases!

Handy photographer's tool ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

Great tool! I Love it! Is very helpful and useful. Helps me and my models to find out better ways to pose. As an amateur photographer, is great!

Three more comments from the many five star reviews ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

(1) This app addresses those moments when some extra inspiration helps.
(2) Very useful for getting the best possible shot. Nice work!
(3) Awesome!

Available on the App Store

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