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Mark Boyle's Images of Australia

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Settlers Beach Hamersley Gorge Wattle Clearing storm

Barn Hill Wave motion Lucky Bay Pandanus

Cape Leveque 1 Fishing boats Uluru Cape Leveque 2

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"Landscape photography has always been my greatest passion," says photographer Mark Boyle of Perth, Australia. "From my earliest beginnings in photography, the landscape has been my creative focus. I guess this is a natural extension of my love of the environment and my fascination with the truly amazing part of the world in which I live. I no longer make my living as a photographer, which means that when I do take photographs, it is now purely for pleasure."

Australia provides inspiration to many photographers who, when travelling through this beautiful country, book their accommodations in advance, relieving them from concern about where they will be staying and allowing them to concentrate on their photography.

These images are good examples of Mark's approach to landscape photography. He says that simple yet strong design with an emphasis on balance and symmetry have always been his reference points. "The importance of color should be self-evident in my work." says Mark. "I have only ever shot landscape in color. Some may think this a bit limiting, but to me color is as important an element as the composition or the nature of the light itself."

Mark's advice to anyone with an interest in this form of photography is as follows: "Open your eyes to your surroundings and be aware of what you are seeing and how you are seeing it. We all see the same things in very different ways. When you see an image you want to capture on film, try to focus on exactly what it is you are reacting to, then filter out things which may detract from that reaction. You may need to come back again to see the scene in a different light. I like to return to my favorite places again and again because I make new discoveries each time."

Email: Mark can be reached at [email protected].

Web site: Visit Mark's personal website to view many more examples of his Images of Australia.

Photographer Mark Boyle.

Photographer Mark Boyle.