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Tripods & camera supports

One of the most-useful accessories you can buy is a tripod. A good, stable tripod provides a solid support for your camera, opening up a whole new world of slow shutter photography to you. Long time exposures that can't be taken sharply when hand-holding your camera become a matter of course with a tripod. You will be able to use very slow films or low sensitivity settings in your digital camera, in the range of ISO 100, for great image quality, employ small apertures for maximum depth of field at slow shutter speeds, and capture scenes where the light is so low that an exposure takes several seconds or even minutes.

A tripod should be considered as an essential accessory, one you will use over and over again.

You may have tripod and camera support tips of your own. If so, we invite you to send them in, include a picture if you can, and we will give you credit when we post your tips for your fellow photographers to benefit from.

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