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Posing the couple

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This guide is intended to provide both the photographer and his or her subjects with easy-to-copy posing suggestions for the couple.

There are forty-eight thumbnail images in four separate guides. Click on the links below to view them. Once you have opened a guide, clicking on a thumbnail will bring up a larger version that shows all aspects of the pose.

Most poses suit a range of photography situations, indoors and outdoors. The subjects can wear any kind of clothing, from formal wear to cut-offs. Some poses require a simple prop, like a chair to lean against or sit on. On location, that chair could be replaced by a tree stump, a rock or a bench. In a studio, it could be a small column, a coffee table top or any item of similar height. It could even be a bale of hay.

These images show how a pose from the guide can be adapted for use in another setting.
These images show how a pose from the guide can be adapted for use in another setting.

Some poses may look similar, but look closely and you will see subtle differences. We have attempted to group the poses in accordance with their major similarities. Some are fun poses and some are formal, while others are meant to capture a couple's intimacy.

The guide is not meant to cover every possible pose, because the possibilities are endless. It is intended to stimulate creativity, so both photographer and models can use it as a basis for their own imaginative poses and unique images.

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