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iPhone Poses, Volumes I, II & III

iPhone Poses Collections

In three volumes, each with 368 female model pose images for only $9.99.

Available on the iPhone App Store
Available on the iPhone App Store

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The next generation of posing applications has hit the App Store! Please download either Poses Professional or Poses Sampler (the free trial version) and acquire this collection through in-app purchase.

The collection remains temporarily available as a separate application so that previous purchasers can transfer their content to the new applications. The new Professional release will import all the volumes you've previously purchased. 274 poses in Poses Professional are new images not contained in the first three volumes described here. Poses Professional also includes all the functionality requests we've received over the past year, such as multiple Favorites list, the ability to remove poses from the gallery/category lists, much improved slideshow functionality with device orientation support, you can email support directly from the 'Extras' tab of Poses Professional and Poses Sampler, and so on.

These existing three Poses volumes are available as in-app purchase packs now. If you have already purchased one or more of them, just install their 1.1 updates, and then the new apps will download them as IAP content without you having to purchase them again.

Download Poses Professional now, with its exciting new features and 274 additional poses. Hope you enjoy the upgrade!

POSES, Volumes I, II & III - Three great guides for posing female models for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch

It can take years to acquire the experience and develop the skills to quickly and effectively pose models, especially female models. These practical guides will solve your posing problems right away, whether you're a beginner or a top professional photographer, and whether you are photographing your girlfriend at the beach or a professional model in the studio. Your subjects rely on you to provide them with posing direction to look their best. These guides provide you with the images you need to guarantee top quality poses for all your photography of female subjects.

There are an amazing 1,104 different pose pictures contained in the entire collection of three volumes.

Poses Volume I - The First Female Collection,
Poses Volume II - The Second Female Collection
Poses Volume III - The Third Female Collection

For the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch
368 high quality examples of proven poses in each volume - Only $9.99 apiece!


Then these applications are for you. They're full of attractive, easy-to-follow poses of the female model - kneeling, standing, seated, reclining and in motion. Real photographs (not line drawings) clearly show every aspect of every pose. You and your model will get it right every time, even though she may never have posed before.


Photographers can show their subject full-color pictures of proven, attractive poses she can use right away, or to employ as an idea-starter to develop her own unique poses. These guides are the ultimate visual posing reference for photographers and models, indispensable tools you will use again and again.

Use these practical guides to show your female subjects pictures of the actual pose you want. Then, employ our exclusive, unique “Fit Pose” feature to exactly match your subject’s pose with one of the 368 professional pose examples found in each of the three separate volumes (1,104 poses in total in all three volumes).


  • Three separate volumes, each containing 368 different pose image examples.
  • Each volume contains superbly-posed images of eight separate female models.
  • Scroll through a Gallery of thumbnails to choose an appropriate pose.
  • All pose examples are proven, attractive and easy-to-copy.
  • Poses are organized by type - sitting, kneeling, standing, reclining, etc. - making it simple to find just the right one.
  • Easily select a group of related poses from a Categories list.
  • Models are in plain dance costumes, set against a clean, white backdrop.
  • Unique “Fit Pose” overlay feature allows you to easily position your model in exactly the same pose as shown in the guide for foolproof, well-posed photographs.
  • Select and easily organize poses for your personal favorites list.
  • All poses are numbered, making it is easy to remember and find your favorites.

Check them out. Click on a mini-screen image to the right (above).

See for yourself how these exciting, new applications work easily for you using your iPhone or iPod Touch. The mini-screen images on the right (scroll up a bit to see them) show a small selection of what you will see on your iPhone or iPod Touch. (Clicking on an image brings you to the next screen.)

Poses Volume 1 - The First Female Collection. Click on the "App Store" icon that appears below to purchase yours.

Poses Volume 1

Click on the "App Store" icon below to purchase Poses Volume 2 - The Second Female Collection.

Poses Volume 3

Click on the "App Store" icon below to purchase Poses Volume 3 - The Third Female Collection.

Poses Volume 3


The above collections are now available through in-app purchase.

Click here to go to the Poses Professional page and here to go to the Poses Sampler page.

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Poses Professional v. 2.0

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