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Posing females II

Our second guide to posing female models.

Click on the links in the left-hand column to view our second series of Posing guides for the female model.
Click on the links in the left-hand column to view our second series of Posing guides for the female model.

Welcome to our second Posing guide for the female model.

As with our first Posing guide, this guide is intended to help both the photographer and his or her model in pose selection.

A photographer and/or a model can select poses that they feel will be suited to the images they would like to produce by referring to the thumbnail images. Clicking on a thumbnail brings up a larger version that more clearly demonstrates the pose.

Most of the poses suit a wide range of photography situations, indoors and outdoors. The model may wear any type of garment, from full-length dresses to swimwear. Some poses may require a simple prop, like a stool or chair for the model. On location, that stool could be replaced by a tree stump, a rock or a bench.

Although some poses look similar to others in the guide, when you look closely, you will see differences - sometimes just a turn of a hand or the positioning of an arm or leg.

We have attempted to group the poses in accordance with their major similarities to make it easier to evaluate their usefulness for your photography or modeling.

The posing guides are intended to stimulate creativity. Both photographer and model can use them as jumping-off points that lead to their own imaginative poses and unique images.


Please be patient when clicking on our posing guide links (below); there are several images of example poses to download. It may take a minute or so. You can also click here if you wish to start at the first guide in the series.


For the quickest access to all of our poses (plus some additional poses for the female model that do not appear on the site), our Posing guides are available on a super-fast CD, which can be purchased here.

That's not all. You can purchase our practical, super helpful book entitled the Guide to Posing the Female Model by clicking here.

Got an iPhone or iPod Touch? You can also buy our comprehensive Poses Professional app for the iPhone and iPod Touch, with 1,378 poses of the female model available for purchase.


These images, and all images and material on this website, are subject to copyright. Uploading, downloading or unlawfully distributing works protected by copyright without the authority of the copyright owner ( Ltd.) is an infringement of the copyright owner's exclusive rights of reproduction and/or distribution. For more information, please see Copyright & Legal Information.


We hope you find our second posing guide for female models to be a helpful reference.

If you feel we perhaps missed an important pose that would be particularly useful to novice photographers or models, we invite you to bring it to our attention. Simply send us a photograph that clearly illustrates your pose, along with any commentary you feel is appropriate, so we can bring it to our viewers’ notice. If we use it, we will be sure to credit you with the posing tip and the taking of the photograph. We will need evidence that you possess a Model Release form signed by your model that permits the use of her image on our website.

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