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More viewers' pictures #17

"Kennedy Goede" is the name of this alert little pup.

Carrie Nelson from Michigan, proud owner and photographer of little Kennedy-Goede, her new puppy, writes, "I have been taking pictures for about five years... well, since I was a kid, but passionately in the last five years or so. I used my Canon Digital Rebel XT with a 50mm lens for the shot, and a filter from a Photoshop plug-in called 'Nik Pro'."

"I have never exhibited my pictures," writes Carrie, "but I would like to. I don't think I'm that good yet!

I love taking photos of my pets (I have a cat, "Guinness," also). I also love to photograph people - to capture their personality at the moment - and taking photos of babies, small children and the elderly the most." "I assisted with some weddings this past summer for a friend," she says, "but would really like to learn how to take studio pictures. I have never taken any photo courses. I like to look at other people's work, and learn from it.

I am an accountant, but someday, would like to do photography full time. My goal is to take pictures for a living within the next 5-10 years, so I need to 'learn enough so I can earn enough' to pay my mortgage."

"The biggest problem I face in photography is keeping things in focus," says Carrie. "When I think I have a really great shot, sometimes it turns out that the face isn't as crisp as I would like. My other hobbies are gardening, fishing and reading."

Photographer Alissa Laney is the proud owner of Bailey, whose portraits appear on the right.

"I have just recently started with photography," says Alissa, who has a background in graphic design. "I have always had an interest in photography, but never really had the time to pursue it until recently. It might sound a little odd, but the camera I use is my digital video camera in photo mode."

"I would have to say I do equal amounts of portrait work and outdoor photography," she writes. "I live in the mountains in Colorado, so I get inspiration just looking out the window." "My dog is also a big inspiration for me," says Alissa. "My goal with my photography is to take what I see in my everyday and show a different way of looking at it and showing the beauty in it."

Although Alissa has not formally exhibited her photographs, they can be seen on the internet at She says, "Mostly just my friends and family have seen my photos."

Baley the Beagle from Crested Butte, Colorado, as photographed by his owner, Alissa Laney.
Baley the Beagle from Crested Butte, Colorado, as photographed by his owner, Alissa Laney.

Shibly Amran's picture of an insect having a snack.
Shibly Amran's picture of an insect having a snack.

Photographer Shibly Amran submitted this photograph with a simple request that he be notified if it was selected by us to show our viewers.

We have no additional information about Shibly or his photography interests. But, we can say that it is not often that the center of interest in a picture should, in fact, be in the image's center. Generally, it is placed elsewhere, often in keeping with the Rule of Thirds, but the positioning of the little ladybug-like insect seems to work well by being just about dead-center in this composition.

Jana Norby tells us, "I just thought that I would try to photograph my daughter instead of taking her in to get her pictures done. We were at the park for about 1 ½ hours, just taking pictures anywhere we thought looked nice."

Jana says that she and her daughter took more than 100 photographs on this pleasant outing.

"I used the auto mode on my Canon digital camera," says Jana. "The sun and shade were part of many of our pictures."

It always helps to have a lovely subject to photograph. "My Beautiful Daughter" is an appropriate title for this attractive waterside portrait.

Jana Norby appropriately entitled this captivating image
Jana Norby appropriately entitled this captivating image "My Beautiful Daughter."

Photographer Tony Walker entitled this image
Photographer Tony Walker entitled this image "Set A Spell."

Photographer and professional magician/illusionist for some 35 years, G.A. "Tony" Walker, says he began taking pictures when he was much younger using a 35mm film camera. Back then, he set up a darkroom in his mother's fruit cellar. "When I did my last public performance about 5 or 6 years ago," he says, "I put away the proverbial 'magic wand' and once again took up photography. Things have really changed a lot over the years..."

Tony shoots with a Canon Rebel XTI 400D with a variety of lenses, from a 50mm to a 75-300 telephoto. "It is a camera that gives me some of the best shots I could ask for," he says.

Tony was selected as Artist of the Month (January 2008) by the city of Sterling Heights, where he had his images on display. "I was also exhibited at Anton Art Gallery in Mt. Clemens, Michigan, as well as receiving exposure in numerous newspapers and on the internet," he says.

We asked him "Why is photography important to you?" Tony replied, "Photography to me is the action of capturing images. Anyone can grab a camera and take a picture. However I only get one chance to take a good picture. The settings have to be on target, the image won't be repeated again and it's something that I've done that I can leave behind for others to enjoy."

"What about photographers whose work you like?" we asked. "When I was in the field of magic," replied Tony, "a photographer by the name of Tony Spina used to show up periodically and take a number of images for The Detroit Free Press. He used to pass on tips and tricks that I retained in my memory if I ever got back into photography again. I enjoy scanning Ansel Adams' work and see so many different ways to take a picture and have it speak to so many people."

He likes to photograph landscapes, sunrises, sunsets, children, animals, etc. "They are so unrehearsed and natural in their facial expressions and reactions," says Tony. "Maybe sometime in the future, if the opportunity presents itself, I'd like to see what I can do with the real animals of the world such as lions, tigers, panthers, etc. It would seem to be quite a challenging activity."

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Tony's pictures show a sense of humor and of good composition.
Tony's pictures show a sense of humor and of good composition.
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