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A profile of Tom Sheldon

Underwater photographer extraordinaire

Tom Sheldon with his underwater camera.
Tom Sheldon with his underwater camera.

The majority of the beautiful deep sea images in this, our Underwater photography section were graciously provided by Tom Sheldon, whom we are pleased to know and happy to profile here.

Rugged and good-humored, Tom Sheldon is a long-time resident of the beautiful Sunshine Coast of British Columbia, Canada, a place considered by many to be among the top diving locations in the world.

He is an expert scuba diver and an accomplished photographer with more than 30 years experience and a keen eye for a good image. The underwater world’s endless array of changing motion and color is his photographic arena.

Tom does his own darkroom work, and is known for his entertaining and educational audio/visual presentations, incorporating hundreds of underwater pictures. His spectacular work has made him an award winner in international photography competitions. He has exhibited in the Richmond Photography Gallery, Robson Square Gallery, Sunshine Coast Art Center and New Westminster Art Gallery. His images have also been shown at the Vancouver Science Center and the Vancouver Boat Show. Tom’s photo credits have appeared in numerous publications, including Hiking Trails of the Sunshine Coast, 141 Dives, a Rotary Club calendar and Drop Anchor on the Sunshine Coast.

He was named one of British Columbia’s ten top photographers at the 10th Anniversary of NAPA (North American Photographer’s Association).