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Female models

Ashley - Canadian West Coast Model
Bright and well-spoken, Ashley is capable of countless facial expressions, and would make an excellent actress. She is as suitable for the stage or screen as she is for the photo studio.

Chloe from Canada
Chloe is a beautiful, photogenic model from Canada's West Coast (Greater Vancouver area) who speaks English and French, is multi-talented and highly personable.

Elizabeth from Pennsylvania
This multi-talented model has dance, acting and musical abilities.

Heather - versatile model
A young beauty from British Columbia, Canada (Vancouver area).

Jules' Modeling
A distinctive-looking freelance model based in Phoenix, Arizona. Willing to travel for just about all types of tasteful modeling, including the "Maxim" look.

Based in Boston, Massachusetts, Telesha will also model in New York.

Yolie M
Yolie is a model with an exotic Middle Eastern look. She has been modeling for more than 12 years, is very easy going, and great to work with.