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The Northern Lights

by Sigurdur H. Stefnisson

Northern lights 1 Northern lights 2 Northern lights 3 Cracked glacier

Crevasse Eruption Northern lights 4 Puffins

Eagle profile Toadstool sentries Gull's nest Ice bridge

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Sigurdur H. Stefnisson is considered to be Iceland's foremost expert in photographing the northern lights.

Siggi, as he is known by his friends, has been involved with photography as a principal hobby for almost 30 years. He specializes in nature photography - birds in particular. His other hobbies, hiking and exploring the highlands, fit in nicely with his picture-taking, providing him with unique opportunities to shoot in isolated locations.

Perhaps astonishingly, he is an amateur photographer. But, his actual profession is another side of the same coin. He has been operating his own photo lab since 1986, and his services are highly regarded among professional photographers who rely extensively upon his expertise and high-quality standards.

In 1985, Siggi began to photograph the northern lights. Over time, he developed specialized techniques for beautifully capturing this difficult-to-photograph phenomenon on film. He works both in medium format, using a Pentax 67 system as his main weapon and also Pentax 645N. The technical quality of his work is on par with his high professional standards. For transportation into difficult-to-reach places during the winter, he uses his specially-modified Nissan "super truck."

Although not pursuing a professional career in photography, Siggi could easily hold his own in that arena, as his northern lights and other excellent images demonstrate.

Look for his pictures in the November, 2001 edition of National Geographic magazine. His photographs of the northern lights appear in the article entitled "Auroras - Heavenly Lights" that starts on page 48.

For a look at Sigurdur's own collection of exceptional aurora borealis photographs, visit his web site at: Northern Lights.

Sigurdur Stefnisson, Iceland's foremost photographer of the northern lights.

Sigurdur Stefnisson, Iceland's foremost photographer of the northern lights.