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General information & image submission

for your Business Directory listing

Business Directory listing request

If you are interested in listing your business in our Business Directory, we invite you to fill in and submit our Business Directory listing request form.

Images to appear in your listing

Information on submitting images for your Business Directory listing:

(1) Images must be in digital format (digitally-photographed or scanned) in order for you to send them via email.

(2) The file size for each emailed .jpg image should not exceed 900 pixels in height.

(3) Pictures will be reduced to a maximum of 300 pixels wide for vertical (portrait-orientation) images or 300 pixels high for horizontal (landscape-orientation) images when placed on your listing page.

(4) We reserve the right, but are under no obligation, to edit images to correct orientation, crop extraneous content, remove dust marks or scratches, sharpen images, or to otherwise alter their appearance unless you specifically request that we do not do so.

(5) Image file names should contain no spaces, however the underline ( _ ) and the dash (-) can be used to separate characters. Please restrict file names to fifteen characters. We reserve the right to change image file names.

(6) Supply a written caption for each image, with the first character being a number to identify the order in which they should appear on the listing page. The first picture's caption should begin with the number 1, the second with number 2, and so on. (Please note that images with captions will appear in a single column, not side-by-side.)

(7) If you supply more images than are necessary for your type of listing, we will assume you are permitting us to choose those we think are the most suitable. If you should disagree with our selection, there is a charge for any changes you request (see below).

Change requests following submission of your Business Directory listing information:
Any changes to be made to your listing after submission will be charged out at US $40/hr, except for our Premium-Plus listings, which are charged out at US $30/hr. The minimum charge is one hour.

Listings are template-based:
Please bear in mind that you are purchasing a directory listing in a predetermined, standard format - not a web site with custom design. Directory listings follow a set format that we are unable to alter. Your listing is intended to invite business inquiries through the information you provide or to direct traffic to your web site.

Your own website:
If you do not have a website and are interested in creating one to complement your listing, please let us know. We will be happy to assist you in the creation of an attractive new site.

Prior approval of your new listing:
We will upload your listing in unpublished format. We will then provide you and only you with the URL via email, and will temporarily publish the listing for a short, agreed-upon time so that you may view it before it becomes permanently published for all our visitors to see. Your listing will only become permanently published when we receive your approval to do so.