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Track and Time - Railroads by Len Kratz

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Santa Fe 658 Santa Fe 666 KCS 648 CSX 6102

Santa Fe 2782 Santa Fe 3751 Amtrak/USPS 100 BNSF 4729

CNW 8724 BNSF 4392 AZ&CA 3001 Santa Fe 511

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Len Kratz is a published photographer specializing in scenic images of North American railroads in color and black-and-white. His favorite photo locations include Southern California's Cajon Pass, Tehachapi and the Mojave Desert between Barstow and Needles, California.

A native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Len has been photographing railroads for nearly 30 years. His photographs have occasionally appeared in railroad related books and magazines, however the main users of his photos are publishers of railroad calendars.

In July 1999, Len relocated from Southern California to Prescott Valley, Arizona. Since then, he has concentrated his railroad photography mostly in Arizona, New Mexico and Colorado. Len has traveled throughout the United States and Canada to photograph railroads not common to the Southwest. In October 2001, he completed a 17-day railroad photography trip and in September 2004, a 10-day railroad photography trip, both through the midwestern U.S. He has more such trips planned.

You can see more of Len's "Track and Time" railroad photography in his gallery on the Hamilton Color Lab site and also in The Santa Fe SD 75 page at Somewhere West of Denver. (Len's images are numbered 200, 204, 217, 220, 239 and 250.)

Len has also opened a second gallery here on, called "Track and Time 2 - More railroads by Len Kratz". Click here to visit it.

EMAIL: Write to Len at Len Kratz."

Track and Time photographer, Len Kratz

Track and Time photographer, Len Kratz