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Examples of exceptional photography.

Welcome to the Galleries, where you will find exhibits showing representative samples of the outstanding, unusual or exemplary works of guest photographers.

Exploring Asia
Etienne Bossot is a commercial, wedding and travel photographer based in Hoi An, Vietnam. He runs photography tours and workshops throughout Asia.

Food, As I See It
John Cumming's photography illustrates his particular mastery of composition, lighting and an understanding of what it takes to make a dish look appetizing and attractive.

Scenes from Alberta
Seventeen miles north of Consort, Alberta in Canada, on the Alberta Trail of the Buffalo, you will find the Neutral Hills, where photographer Sean McCormick ably practices his craft of photography.

Photo Tramp
Who hasn't wanted to just travel the world to take pictures of the unusual things and exotic places they come upon? Maciej Tomczak wanted to, and actually did it. He has an eye for a great picture, and his gallery will make you want to pack up today.

Tropical Wildlife
Images that are remarkably intimate with tropical wildlife, by an accomplished amateur photographer who is a dental technician from Italy.

Cats by Don Lewis
Check out this outstanding gallery of cat portraits extraordinaire.

Stars! And plenty of them. These images bring them so close that you may wonder about our own insignficance in the vast universe. Matt BenDaniel's superb astrophotographs bring outer space sharply into your world.

The Northern Lights
Iceland's foremost expert in photographing the northern lights is surprisingly an amateur photographer. But his photos are nothing short of professional in quality.

Track and Time - Railroads by Len Kratz
Len Kratz is a published photographer specializing in scenic images of North American railroads. View his outstanding railroads gallery here.

Track and Time 2 - More railroads by Len Kratz
This is Len Kratz's second gallery of superb railroad photographs.

Lost America - by Troy Paiva
"Most of America's 20th Century waste from its 'disposable' culture seems to have found its way onto the shoulders of the southwestern highways," says photographer Troy Paiva, "and none of it is safe from my camera."

Mark Boyle's Images of Australia
Exceptional landscapes from the Land Down Under.

African wildlife
Italian Dr. Franco Piemontesi globetrots with his camera. Some of his African wildlife pictures are shown here in an outstanding gallery you do not want to miss.

Baja California, Mexico - A Bird's Eye View
Charles Chandler uses a powered paraglider (or paramotor) for his aerial photography. His images of Baja California's stunning coastal scenery are truly impressive.

Creatures of the Sonoran Desert
Classic, stunning pictures by Tucson, Arizona photographer, Rhonda Spencer, of some of the creatures of the Sonoran Desert.

Gallery Exhibit by Urs-P. Twellmann
Is this sculptor a photographer? Or is the photographer a sculptor? It doesn't matter. The pictures are superb; the sculptures are amazing.