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"V" terms

"Variable contrast paper" to "Vignetting"

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VARIABLE CONTRAST PAPER - Photographic paper of differing grades of contrast when exposed through special contrast filters.

VARIABLE FOCUS LENS - A zoom lens - one in which focal length is variable. Elements inside a variable focus lens shift their positions, enabling the lens to change its focal length - in effect, providing one lens that has many focal lengths.

VIBRATION REDUCTION - often referred to as “VR” - An image stabilization feature in Nikon lenses that minimizes the effect of camera shake at slow shutter speeds, helping to prevent image blur.

The VIEW CAMERA is the largest of the basic camera types.
The VIEW CAMERA is the largest of the basic camera types.

VIEW CAMERA - A large format camera - a term that applies to cameras that produce an individual image size of 5" X 4" or larger. It is most often found in a studio, and is sometimes even called a "studio camera," although the view camera can be transported and set up in the field.

VIEWFINDER - A viewing device on a camera used by the photographer to see the field of view taken in by the camera’s lens and the portion of the view that will be recorded on the image sensor or on film. (Also known as "Finder" or "Projected frame.") It may be a simple window that displays the actual image or an electronic view frame.

The VIEWFINDER CAMERA is the most popular type of camera.
The VIEWFINDER CAMERA is the most popular type of camera.

VIEWFINDER CAMERA - Camera with a viewfinder that is separate from the lens used in taking the picture. A simple point-and-shoot disposable camera is an example of a viewfinder camera, but not all viewfinder cameras are simple.

VIEWFINDER SCREEN - The ground glass surface of some viewfinder cameras, such as a large-format field camera, on which the photographer views and composes the scene about to be photographed.

VIEWPOINT - Location of the camera relative to the subject.

VIGNETTE MASK - A special effects mask in front of the camera's lens that blocks the light around the scene's margins, producing a vignetted picture.

VIGNETTING - (1) When unintentional, it is underexposure at the image’s edges or corners caused by an unsuitable lens hood, filter or other attachment that partially blocks the field of view. (2) When intentional, it is an image printing technique where the central area is fully printed but its edges gradually fade. Vignetting can also be achieved when taking the picture by placing a vignette mask in front of the lens.

VR - Vibration Reduction, a technology found in some lenses and cameras used to reduce blur and produce sharp images at slower shutter speeds. VR is also found in binoculars to reduce hand-held image shakiness.

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