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"J" terms

"JCII" to "Juxtapose"

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JCII - With the cooperation of Japanese camera manufacturers, the Japan Camera and optical instruments Inspection and testing Institute (JCII) was founded in 1954. It was formed to inspect all cameras exported from Japan in order to maintain quality standards.

This image is a JPEG.
This image is a JPEG.

JPEG - An acronym for Joint Photographic Experts Group that describes an image file format standard in which the size of the file is reduced by compressing it. JPEG, with its 16.7 million colors, is well suited to compressing photographic images. A "JPEG" image file name carries the extension "jpg" - e.g. "portrait.jpg" Many people refer to an image in JPEG format as a "JPEG," pronounced "jay-peg".) Most digital cameras save images as JPEG files, and some high-end cameras can be set to record both JPEG and RAW image files at the same time.
Note: When working on an image in an image-editing program, you can avoid data loss due to compression when saving and re-saving the file by first saving the .jpg image as a .TIFF image, which is not compressed when saved.

JumpSHOT CABLE - Lexar's inexpensive, high performance, USB-enabled CompactFlash card memory card that becomes a high-speed card reader when plugged in using the USB cable. The high performance CompactFlash card has USB integrated into its controller, with optimized software drivers and a special USB cable. USB functionality exists in the CompactFlash card itself. The JumpSHOT USB cable and software drivers (included) are the only requirements for a digital camera to possess USB capabilities.

JUNIOR MODEL - A youthful-looking, animated model.

This doe and her fawn are juxtaposed.
This doe and her fawn are juxtaposed.

JUXTAPOSE - In composition, to place two objects close together or side by side for comparison or contrast. Often helpful in showing scale in an image.

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