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Sharpics Product Photography Solutions

Now you can take amazing product pictures that rival those of the pros.

Do you need to take a picture that has no distracting background at all, where the subject appears to be floating in the air?
Now you can do so, easily and quickly.

Introducing the Sharpics D-Flector

A practical, easy-to-use, portable photo studio for outstanding product photography, the Sharpics D-Flector contains a unique reflective background that literally illuminates when photographed with a flash. The result is a picture of a subject that appears to be floating-on-air, but is actually on a spotlessly clean, white background. You will be amazed at how fresh and crisp your pictures look, just like those in top catalogs and on the best websites.

You will be delighted with your pictures and with how little work it took you to get the perfect look, the same look that is achieved by product photography specialists in professional studios. There is nothing like the D-Flector. Compare the D-Flector with other white materials that can leave a grayish background tone and distracting shadows. The D-Flector leaves the background as pure and white as fresh snow.

With D-Flector.
With D-Flector.
Before D-Flector.
Before D-Flector.

Anyone can use this marvellous photographer's tool

The D-Flector is a revolutionary accessory for product and small object photography. It does not require special skills for good results. It is perfect for professional and amateur photographers alike. Art departments, commercial artists, web designers and graphic artists will be able to instantly use the crisp, clean pictures in publications, on websites and anywhere that professional-looking pictures are required. Marketers will be delighted that their products are so well presented. And, companies or individuals who need to document inventory or personal possessions will welcome the clean, uncluttered and professional look of each item photographed using the D-Flector.

Like having your own product photography studio

Now you can create your own web-quality photos quickly and easily using the D-Flector. This lightweight mini studio's revolutionary reflective material brightens significantly when using your camera's flash, creating a virtually invisible background for a professional floating-on-air effect. The spotlessly clean and crisp white background not only looks great, but will save you time and money because there is no digital editing required.

Great for your eBay business

You may be selling items on-line yourself. Imagine how much better your sales presentation on eBay, for example, will be with the professional look of your pictures of sales items. The D-Flector is tremendously useful in creating quality pictures for websites, catalogs, brochures and other advertising purposes.


The size of the objects you intend to photograph will determine the size of the D-Flector you need. There are four different-sized models to choose from - 18", 24", 30" and 36". Each is completely portable, easy to set up and put away, and all are small enough to fit on a tabletop.

Purchase your own D-Flector now and never look back

Visit our website to learn more about this important and practical product. It is there that you can purchase your own D-Flector on-line, or buy one as a great gift for another photographer in your life. We accept all major credit cards, ship quickly and guarantee our products. Find out more at

Sharpics Product Photography Solutions

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"Sharpics created what may prove to be a necessity for product photographers" PHOTO TECHNIQUES magazine