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Track and Time 2 - More railroads by Len Kratz

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VIA 6441 ATSF 207 WT&J 4454 & 4367 BNSF 5637

ATSF 2776 IC 6109 GCRY 29 C&IM 82

IANR 3807 Apache 81 KCS 647 B&P 455

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This is the second gallery featuring the railroad photography of Len Kratz from Prescott Valley, Arizona.

In September 2003, Len traveled to the Texas panhandle to photograph railroading for the Texas Railroad Sesquicentennial website, celebrating the 150th anniversary of railroading in the Lone Star state. Several of his images are included on that site. One photo, the KCS 647, also appears here in his "Track and Time 2" gallery.

For more about Len and his railroad photography, visit his first "Track and Time" gallery here at

EMAIL: Write to Len at Len Kratz."

Len Kratz at Parker Arizona - April, 2005
Len Kratz at Parker Arizona - April, 2005