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Maciej Tomczak's travels caught on film

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Maciej Tomczak has an eye for the unusual, as evidenced by his sometimes stunning, always intriguing photographic compositions. He describes himself as "an engineer by trade - photographer by heart", and says "I made phototramping my chosen pursuit."

Maciej lives in British Columbia, Canada, and says "I cherish comments, critiques and requests. Please email me at: [email protected]."

He threw in a bit of a sales pitch when he submitted his pictures for this stunning gallery, which we don't mind publishing here: "I licence images and I'm pleased to offer hand-made, limited-edition prints," he says. "All photographs are unmanipulated 35mm transparencies, scanned and processed in a digital darkroom prior to publishing. Please contact me for pricing and availability."

Visit his Phototramp website at Maciej describes his site as an online forum dedicated to budget-travel photojournalism.

Photographer Maciej Tomczak and a friend.
Photographer Maciej Tomczak and a friend.