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More jpys of wedding photography!

Date Posted: Nov/20/2022 10:53 AM
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Many people think wedding photography is easy. Turn up take a few snaps and home in time for tea and medals, and of course your making a fortune.
Sadly the truth is slightly different.
I did a wedding recently, turned up at the brides address at 7am to find first off no parking anywhere near, secondly the house was tiny (this was her leaving address, not their home where I'd visited them before)still park half a mile away.
Walk to the house and go in to find tiny rooms, and cluttered doesn't do it justice, crammed full of crap is closer.
Not only do I have the bride, her parents, two maids of honour, seven bridesmaids and about a thousand children under seven. I also have the dresser from the bridal shop and her assistant, a make up artist and a hairdresser.
It's crazy in the house, music blasting kids running riot and not enough room to move, now I have to get pics of the bride etc getting ready and make up and hair, but theres piles of rubbish everywhere for a background.
Still crack on and get some shots, no hope of a nice full length shot of the bride, there simply isn't room.
Now the first panic, flowers haven't come, brides flapping, mums crying, dads taking about a lawyer, none of this gets the flowers to come faster. I suggest ringing the shop, that works.
While this is happening I get a call from the grooms photographer (my oppo) he informs me the grooms childrens (the boys) suits dont fit, oh joy, now the brides flapping again, the groom sends the best man with the boys to a shop somewhere to try and find clothes for them.
By now it's about 9,30 am and the wedding cars havent turned up, this is odd as they mostly come early in my experience, I'm getting that bad feeling that this wedding isn't going to be fun (it hasnt been so far).
Finally one car shows up, the limo is missing, the bride and father are sorted but ten women and a thousand children are now carless. I bung four into my car, someone else takes their cars and we're off for the church, twenty miles away.
What seems like hours later we finally arrive, although we've lost a car full of bridesmaids somewhere, brides flapping and crying, and joy it's started raining.
Now while we have a bride some bridesmaids and children, we're missing a groom and best man as well as the rest of the girls and about nine hundred children.
The vicars looking fed up and we haven't started yet. A quick look inside the church confirms my fears, it's small dark (made worse by the gloom and rain outside) and an akward shape.
Still it's what we have so tough. News arrives the groom and best man have stuffed their hired car into a hedge, both are fine although you cant say the same for the car, someone goes to fetch them while a crying bride sits in the one wedding car down the road.
Finally all arrive and we can have a wedding, the service goes more or less to plan. By the time we come out it's a bit after noon, it's still raining, so we do what photos we can inside the church while we have everybody in one place. Off to the recepiton, as we still only have one wedding car and we're down a hire car, the bridal party is spread out among the guests cars, we have about three each as well.
The reception hotel is guess what twenty miles the other way, so ages later we arrive and wait for the BG to come in the wedding car... and wait, finally word filters down thats broken down too. Off goes the best man to rescue them.
By about 2.00 pm we finally have everybody at the hotel, we do what photos we can here, and get a break it's stopped raining, so we dash out and do the couple shots.
By 4.00 they sit down for food and we get to eat, I was up at 5.00 am and starving isn't the word, then it's top table and speaches, cake cutting, and first dance, then at 945pm we roll out of the hotel for about a 40 minute drive home.
And people think wedding photography is easy


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