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Heck of a wedding. The joys of wedding photography.

Date Posted: Jun/04/2019 11:08 AM
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I had a fun wedding recently. The original plan was to meet the bride on the local beach as she is a keen swimmer. So I get the Gopro sorted (they take decent stills although wide angle)and a waterproff housing for a DSLR.

This goes pear shaped fairly early on when we find out she isn't aware the tide goes in and out, and plans to swim the lenght of the beach (2 miles) which with the tide going out means she against the current all the way. Frankly I'm not a happy bunny at this point, this could be dangerous for her. I'm working out where to get a safety boat when word reaches me the swim is off she's been out walking since 5am and is shattered.

We get to the hotel only to find she's having a meltdown in the room and wont let anybody in. I get on with shooting the groom and groomsmen while we await news of the bride. I go to the room and she finally lets us in.

Now the wedding is fast approaching so my mate stays with the bride while I speak to the registrar. She's ok with me shooting the service but is a bit concerned about the time (it's about 10 mins before the service) the guests are in, finally service time arrives and .... still no bride. My mate arrives with the news that the bride is on the bed wearing a towel and crying, it's now wedding time and the registrar has another wedding in an hour miles away.

At this point I figure this is looking like a no-show (my first)I have my doubt this wedding is going to happen.

Finally and about half hour late the bride arrives. Red eye doesn't come close, she has eyes like an extra in a horror movie, still we can sort that in photoshop.

Service over we get the whole party out onto the beach... well thats the theory. It's like hearding cats. I resort to shouting please leve the hotel, it's only a small bomb, honest, that gets a smile and off we go. Then we stop, the ice cream van is at the hotel, a quick word and he goes over the beach and finally we can get on with the group shots.

Time for the meal, we check the speeches are after the meal then go into the bar for our food (posh fish and chips)about 5 mins into eating and they start the speeches! So much for after food, we bin ours and start shooting the speaches.

Finally after packing up the mini studio/photobooth we roll out of the hotel about 11.30pm I was up at 6am for the swim that never happened. Tired doesn't come close.
Oh the joys of wedding photography.....

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