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Buying a Gopro.... Hmmm

Date Posted: Jan/14/2017 6:44 PM
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For Christmas I got myself a Gopro, I fancied doing exploring videos (I do a bit of urban exploring/tunnel bashing)And the Gopro being waterproof and pretty tough seems a better bet than taking my DSLR where it might get damaged.
Trouble is it's never quite as simple as it should be... or as cheap.
Gopros are not cheap to start with, then I needed spare batteries and charger (the camera doesn't come with a charger, you plug in the camera) I model I got got was the Hero4 black (by far the best deal I could find) this doesn't have a screen on the back though so your guessing whats in frame. Thats no good to me, I'm used to seeing what I shoot, so the add-on screen was extra... As was a tripod mount (doesn't have one of those either) Nor does it come with a memory card, thats extra too.
Luckly theres several "kits" on ebay with about a million various Gopro brackets, straps, fittings, and some bits I'm dammed if I can work out what they are for. All really cheap (just as well, it's mounting up slowly)
So finally I have the camera, with it's screen and tripod mount, on a sort of Gopro monopod/selfie stick thingy which came in the kit.
Great off I go shooting video, get back home. Now the good news is Gopro give you the software to edit the videos, and to be fair it's fairly simple. The bad news is theres bugger all sound. Turns out while the waterproof case keeps out water to a 150 feet down, it also does a fair job of keeping out the sound. Now luckly Gopro know this, so included is a spare back for the housing with a big hole in it. Back out again, this time I have sound, it's ok but not as good as the DSLR.
Bit or research on the net and it turns out I need a microphone for better sound. Easy enough, order one.... Ahhhh Gopro doesn't have a normal mike plug, so I need an addaptor plug, get one of those.
Now of course the hole in the case is in the back, odd when the mike plug and the built in mike are in the side. Thats ok take the camera out of the housing altogether. Ahhh now I'm back to a tiny camera and no tripod mount again FFS! Now I have to order a skeleton frame that holds the camera so the Gopro fitting will attach to it. Frame arrives... and yes it fits the camera, the mike will plug in and it's even got a filter for the lens, only problem is it's nightmare to put the camera in and out of it, and it doesn't work with the screen on the camera, so now I can't just pop the camera back in the waterproof housing easily if I need to, and I cant use the expensive screen.
By now I'm losing the will to live, my house is full of Gopro stuff, and my bank statements are delivered in a box!
Back on the net this time another skeleton housing, quick chage job that will take the screen.
All this to shoot a bloody video, sorry I started now....


Date Posted: Jan/16/2017 6:33 AM
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UM... Do you remember your first adventure as a photographer who got bit by the bug? My wife threw a silence fit for about a week when I purchased my first "Professional camera, lens, and flash." Then things became interesting as I purchased software, upgraded my computer, and other things.

I feel your pain. I have not made the "Gopro" leap... as yet.

Reality can be beaten with enough imagination..... Mark Twain


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