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"U" terms

"Ultraviolet radiation" to "UV filter"

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ULTRAVIOLET RADIATION - (UV) - Ultraviolet light is invisible to the human eye, but can be seen by bees and butterflies. Most photographic films are sensitive to this electromagnetic radiation.

A 17 mm lens is considered to be an ULTRA-WIDE ANGLE LENS.
A 17 mm lens is considered to be an ULTRA-WIDE ANGLE LENS.

ULTRA-WIDE ANGLE LENS - An extra-wide angle lens. Generally refers to 35mm camera lenses with focal lengths shorter than 24 mm.

UMBRELLA - A lighting accessory that resembles a rain umbrella, used to soften illumination by bouncing or diffusing the light.

UNDEREXPOSURE - An image is underexposed when the film or image sensor receives too little light for proper exposure. Underexposure results in loss of detail in the subject’s dark areas, which can be almost completely black and featureless.

UNIPOD - A "Monopod," a single-legged camera support that functions in a manner similar to a tripod.

UNSHARP MASK - In digital image-editing software, this is a tool that permits you to incrementally increase sharpness in an image. It differs from the Sharpen tool in that it allows you to control the degree of sharpening, helpful in avoiding over-doing it.

UPLOAD - Transfer files from a computer's hard drive to another storage device, including an internet web site's server. "Upload" can be said to be the opposite or the reverse action of "download."

UPSAMPLE - Enlarging a digital image by interpolation.

An urban landscape of Tucson, Arizona.
An urban landscape of Tucson, Arizona.

URBAN LANDSCAPE - A photograph of a city taken in the manner of a landscape photograph, using buildings and other man-made features as graphical elements of composition that are treated in the same way the photographer would treat mountains and trees.

The UV FILTER is clear and colorless.
The UV FILTER is clear and colorless.

UV FILTER - a clear, neutral filter that absorbs ultraviolet radiation, with no effect on visible colors. The skylight filter is a UV filter with a pale rose tinge to it.

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